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George's wife

A friend has a collection of clips with his wife in various "situations". I only posted three.

Two Way Mirror 60-63 Voyeur Videos

More nice Russians changing into their bikinis and taking showers. Voyeur shoots from behind a two way mirror. Good quality, nice close-ups.

Five Similar After Shower Hidden Cam Clips

Five similar scenes of two hotties drying off and doing things in the bathroom.

Gina Voyeur Videos

Here is a collection of voyeur videos of the same girl doing various things is the bathroom, mostly dressing before and after her showers. She has an amazing body and you get good views of all her exposed parts.


This guys ex sister in law was the unknowing star of these short clips. Nice little series of her taking a shower.

Blonde chick

A beautififul blonde chick after shower and with a guy in an apartment.

Hidden Zone Locker Room Clips 894, 1068 And 1069

I do love the locker room voyeur videos, probably cause i think of the famous Porky's shower scene whenever I see them.

Wife Playing in Shower

This is taken from under the bathroom door with a pen camera. When ever I asked about masturbation in the past, she always said she doesn't do it. After 15 years together I finally decided to check for my self. More to come.

Take Off The Towel

Nice wife caught in her birthday suit getting dressed after the shower! Love when the towel finally comes off!

Hidden Sister Spy

This was a great find. His lovely sister is seen as she undresses for shower. These videos are shot on a couple of different days. Love that long hair on the firm body.

Neighbor(s) Bathroom Window Peep

Many years ago - neighbors window voyed from back deck. Dressing/changing after/before shower. I'm sorry we moved!

Lady In Red Hidden Cam Clip

This is what I'm talking about.. lovely lass is spied as she changes. Obviously she is fresh out of the shower, and getting ready for a date, else why would she wear matching bra and panties? In my effort to document life I've discovered then generally girls don't wear matching bras and panties unless they are trying to make an impression.

Spying Guests Voyeur Videos

Found on the Web. Good quality. Strategically located hidden cam allows us to spy on beautiful women before and after her morning showers.

Nice Warm Clothes Voyeur Video

Found on the web. Best guess is that the wife has a habit of going direct from the shower to the laundry room to dig clean clothes out of the dryer. Voyeuristic hubby decided to film her through a hole in the wall. No sound and a bit dark but some good glimpses of butt and side boob exposed.

Surprise Her Serie

A cutie is constantly surprised by her boyfriend as she pees or showers. its all in good fun but she would probably be mad if she found out they were shared.

lovely body

My sis goes in shower. In the 1 you can see her completly naked with hot zoom on big tits. In the 2-3-4 she dressing but you can\'t see her naked on them but I have put them for you can see the difference naked and dress. She\' so sweet.

hidden bathroom

nice and amateur series of several hidden bathroom cam...

Bangla desi village girls bathinghaka city HQ (5) 240p

Oh we have it so easy when e take showers! Thee girls pump their water by hand, remove their shirts (hidden camera exposes nice tits!) and proceed to bath and wash their clothes at the same time..

Modest Middle Aged Lady Exposed Hidden Cam Clips

Middle aged lady caught dressing after her shower. Big tits exposed and we see her face clearly.

20 Year Old Worries About Being Peeped

Very good pre-post hidden shower clip with a rather tasty tweenie who seems to look at the sliding door a couple time to make sure no one is peeing her. Is her concern justified, watch this voyeur video to find out.

Award Winning Pre/Post Hidden Shower Clip

Great hidden cam clip with a babe in a black bikini who slowly takes it off before spending a lot more time in the nude in front of the hidden cam. Cute face shot for those who have patience.

my shower

my girl firend has pick up my hidden cam on the end...nice pics

Lynley Brinkman Voyeur Video Series

Several nights of this hottie getting ready for bed or undressing on hidden cam before she jumps in the shower.

Mature Bathroom Spy Hidden Cam Clip

Mature women is spyed on hidden camera getting ready for a shower. Watch her check herself out in the mirror and flex.

Bitch Has No Clue Hidden Shower Clip

This is a series of voyeur videos from one of my friends spying on his his bitch wife without her knowing.

Shona: A Showerhead is a Girl's Best Friend Hidden Jane Clip

Shona loves her shower head... but only when she's on her own. She doesn't know thousands of us are watching her too via a hidden camera.


Great clip of sexy gal drying off and dressing after a shower; nice tan lines

sisters college friend

didn't know which category to put this in, she comes in and draws the shower, then gets in, but we can't see because she closes the curtain, but then we see her get out and dry off. I think the drying off is the best view. Odd tat on her back though, it';s more than a tramp stamp.


More of the gal showering caught on the cam behind the ventillation grill. Small files, B&W, sound. Cam has a great view of her!

Second Half Success Exposing A Cute Redhead

Found on the web. A compilation of two voyeur videos of the same girl, a plump but cute natural redhead toweling off in her bedroom after a shower. In the first part, the hidden camera is very well placed, but needed to be a bit higher to be perfect. Our intrepid voyeur got this minor issue corrected in the second half.

184 Page(s) » 5520 Items