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passed out on couch

Wife is passed out on the couch and hubby takes advantage

Brother caught after cumshot on passed out sister!

Passed out gal cops a load from her man, but wakes when he tries to remove the evidence!

My Friend Gropes My Passed Out Wife's Boobs

My friend gropes my passed out wife's boobs after a drinking binge we all enjoyed.

Friends GF passed out after drinking

Girl was drinking at a party and was totally passed out.

night vision + passed out wife

Night vision of the wife after she took a sleeping pill.


Great undercover shot of a friend passed out wearing a nice thong!

A true Ah Shit moment

Couple was obviously partying a lot and having sex, passing out when they finished... They forgot that they were near a public road, and passerby's could check out her goodies, as neither one of them put their pants back on.

Passed Out Pussy Pounding

Gal pal is a lot easier to fuck when she cant even think what her own name is. Love that tight little shaved pussy.

jus hanging out in this here tree

not passing judgement or anything, but this dude musta been hell up in the air if he was really in a tree

Bus Waiting Asscrack

A girl is waiting for the bus to come and her asscrack is out and seemingly waiting for some passing voyeur to film it.

Wet one

I assume she passed out after the act as she has a soaking wet pussy...

Brown Haired Girl Passed out

Nice bald pussy here, landing strip as she lays in a strangers bed.


Gal leans out over the driver, and flashes her big juggs to the passing car.

Drunk Girls

So much alcohol and drugs that they don't even know where they are!

Wife sleeping with no panties

Caught wife passed out nude thought I would share her beautiful shaved pussy to the world

Under the covers

Girl passed out with see through thong on. You can see a hint of her pubes on the top of the panties

Wasted Sis

Wasted after a good night out and couldn't pass it up.


Wife is passed out on the floor, and doesn't really care that her hubby is video taping her bare ass

sisters pussy

His sister is pass*d out on the bed, and he sneaks a quick view of her snatch, as her dress rides up.

sis had too much to drink

got undressed and ready for bed, but got in the wrong bed, and forgot that others were around

Addicted To Girls Bootyholes: My Tenant Drunk And Passed Out

After a call for loud parting I entered my tenant's apartment to quiet everything down, only to find her drunk and passed out so i decided to lift up the covers and using my phone to expose her for our pleasure. Comments please.

Spreading sleeping wifes pussy

My 24yo wife. She was so passed out i could touch her anywhere, so i got out my cam and started spreading that pussy.

Under the covers

Passed out shot of girl with a trimmed pussy, get a glimpse of her tits too.


Two girls at a party, Pam briefly lifts Kim's shirt and shows us her nice breasts. Then Kim is passed out as I filmed her. Tape was eaten at the end, so it is pretty short.

Having a Good Time

Having a good time in the hotel room, and one gal is having too good of time, already passed out... just a bunch of party girls living it up.. one brief nip slip

NYE Girl Passed Out Too Early

Nice trimmed landing strip exposed from a girl who went to bed too early.

My Wife After We Got Home From A Wild Party

My Wife is dr{}nk and passed out After We Got Home From A Wild Party

Latina Lovers Tumblr Find

The girl in the first video is awesome.. I thought she might pass out when she cums, her eyes roll up int her skull

MALE:Passing flash

Guy wanking in car. Woman passing by has a long, sustained look.

Girl Sleeping In My Bed

Girl with hairy pussy passed out on my bed so I busted out my camera so we could all enjoy her pussy exposed.

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122 Page(s) » 3657 Items
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