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A Genuine Hidden Camera Masturbation

An older clip of Mrs Wise Ass, but still some of the best genuine hidden mast around

Her Private Moment

Wiseass's woman in a moment of privacy... Or so she thinks

A Good Read and a Good Wank

Wiseass's woman is intently reading a novel.. and wanking at the same time

Her Favorite Toy

Wiseass's woman uses her favorite toy..

Quick Wank

Wise ass's woman sneaks a quick wank.

She Does LIke to Read

And apparently reading makes her super horny.


A quicky before bedtime.

A Wank is a Wank

Sometimes you just can't describe what you see.

A Private Session

A private session (or so she thought) of Wiseass's Woman

Wise Ass Woman

She performs a sneaky wank late this evening.

Her Moment of Joy

Wiseass's woman in a quick moment of joy.

Wiseass Woman

She spends a quiet night at home..

WA Woman goes for broke

It's another day and another toy, and we love it.

Dildo Fun

WA's woman multi tasks.. Book in one hand, wanking with the other


A quick wank tonight

Dildo Play

Nice little session before bed

Super Horny

WA's gal apparently never gets enough.

Dropping The Man Hole

Another quickie before bed.

Afternoon Delight

She grabs a wank while watching what appears to be a soap opera?

TV Wank

This one is odd. She has a remote control in one hand, a vibe in the other, and it sounds like cartoons on the TV. My Guess, is she is watching one movie, and listening to something different.

Getting A Lube Job

Another odd one as she wanks and watches the news...

Wanking While Reading

Wiseass's gal amazes me.. She seems to wank a lot and multitasks at the same time.. this time reading a book.

Can't Get Enough

She gives us a quickie today

Another Quickie

Another quickie from the WA woman

Relaxing Session

A night time relaxing session. Great low light camera action by Wiseass

Toy Queen

This gal has lots of toys.. And Wise Ass shares her use of them


She's topless in this one.. Gotta love it when she really gets into it.

Loving Her Dildo

Dang, she is fully clothed again :(

Toys Are The Best

Another quickie from the WA woman

Can't get Enough Of Me

Not much I can add here.. Just WOW

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4 Page(s) » 112 Items