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Boozed Bimbos

This chick is so bombed, she can't walk by herself. Two guys are helping, but no one noticed that her skirt was hiked up to her waist, and she's flashing the world.

Party Girl Is Gone

This party girl has had way too much to drink. She can hardly sit upright, and the voyeur catches a lot of upskirt shots (like she really cares). In the second clip a couple of friends join her, as she passes out on the sidewalk.

Boozed And On The Bull

DPartying chicks go wild and remove tops while on the mechanic bull. Guess the bucking got them going...


Guy films his passed girlfriend's cute ass


Two girls at a party, Pam briefly lifts Kim's shirt and shows us her nice breasts. Then Kim is passed out as I filmed her. Tape was eaten at the end, so it is pretty short.

Japanese on the street

A few Japanese girls on the street were spotted, peeper follows them and films them.

girl flashes and makes fool of self

girl flashes and makes fool of self at a party.. Oh those were the days

sexy glimpse

hottie making a fool of her self, we see her ass when she jumps on the bed

nip slip

a hot ebony girl acting silly lets her tit slip out

Goth chick on toilet

totally girl showing ass, getting on the toilet, playing in bath room

gal on toilet

she\'s out of it and her friend decides to go ahead and video her

girls on phones

two chicks totally acting like idiots, showing great ass and crotch shots in their skimpy panties

fartig fun

a girl farting and put his ass on the face of a girl...

Woman strips naked in club

Ordinary girl strips naked on stage in club, watch out for her persuasive friends in background

On Salvia

This is a girl messed up on salvia so she goes in her pants

girl pee

A fatty is peeing in the bathroom in her pants. No nude but funny


totally messed up, cant even keep her clothes on in public

Hot & Big Ole Titties

College girl flashes her great pair. If anyone knows of more of this girl, please share

On toilet

Girl filmed by his friends asleep sitting on toilet…

Party Girl

Gal does a strip for a group of guys. Trailer park trash?

Strip fooseball

Girl is playing strip foose ball with friends. One of her soon to be ex friends, video taped the entire event and shared it with his closest 10 million buddies. Thanks dude


Guy has a little explore whilst his gal is out of it, not that exciting but small kb

Explorer 2

Another guy explores his girlfriends hidden treasures whilst she enjoys his attention

Girls Just want to Have Fun

But some times they have a bit too much to drink when they do.

pussy finger

Fingering her sleeping pussy, she must have been well out of it for this 11 minutes of play

Party Dancer

cleeeeearly girl can't resist taking them out for the camera

Wet one

I assume she passed out after the act as she has a soaking wet pussy...

Amatuer Dancer

she's had enough to drink that she doesn't care that her bff films her as she strips


A girl flashing her boobs in the bathroom .. who is she flashing for?

Girlfriend is tired

Playing with girlfriend's fanny while she relaxes

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9 Page(s) » 257 Items