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Shona: Tongue Vibrator Hidden Jane Clip

Some more voyeurism of gorgeous Shona. This time in her bed with a tongue vibrator.

Shona: Home Alone Hidden Jane Clip

Gill sends in another hidden masturbation clip of his gal pal Shona. She's on her own all day, and Gill knows what she likes to do in her free time, and so do we!

Shona: Gil Catches the Action Just in Time Hidden Jane Clip

Gil catches Shona masturbating in the bath. He got the hidden camera turned on just in time.

Shona: A Showerhead is a Girl's Best Friend Hidden Jane Clip

Shona loves her shower head... but only when she's on her own. She doesn't know thousands of us are watching her too via a hidden camera.

Shona Before Getting Ready For Work Hidden Jane Clip

Great hidden masturbation video of Shona taking her time before getting ready for work. She's definitely not in a hurry!

Shona: Gil Catches Her Again Hidden Jane Clip

Shona gets caught on the web cam. Gil set this up to catch her exercising when he left the house.

Shona: Time for Housekeeping Hidden Jane Clip

Shona makes sure all her special places are clean!

Shona: Short Sweet Erotic Bath Hidden Jane Clip

Gil gifts us a short hidden cam capture of Shona in the bath. Very erotic voyeurism!

Shona: Gil Knows How To Get Her Going Hidden Jane Clip

Gil plants a porn mag in Shona's handbag, knowing that when she gets home she'll need to relax. And he plants a hidden camera to record it all.

Shona: Fine Ass Hidden Jane Clip

My favorite voyeur video of Shona so far. Caught alone masturbating and a great view of her beautiful ass exposed as she does herself doggy style too.

Shona: Restless Night Hidden Jane Clip

Shona couldn't sleep while Gil was at work, and puts on the light for a quick diddle.

Shona: Her Favorite Vibrator Hidden Jane Clip

I love this hidden masturbatio clip from Gil. Shona is playing with her "Big Tongue" vibrator! Almost the perfect angle of a great masturbation scene.

Shona: "Big Tongue" Vibrator Hidden Jane Clip

Another great hidden cam capture of Shona and her "Big Tongue" vibrator.

Shona: Finger Exercises Hidden Jane Clip

Shona is caught exercising her fingers in another great hidden masturbation clip of this hot gal.

Shona: Relaxing In Various Places Hidden Jane Clip

Shona playing in the bath. And it's not a rubber ducky that she's playing with.

Shona: Having A Quickie Hidden Jane Clip

Shona has a quickie at bedtime with the hidden cam having a great view of her on the sheets.

Shona: Relaxing Hidden Jane Clip

Gil was getting suspicious when Shona would sometimes leave the bedroom with her vibe. He was surprised to catch her "relaxing" on the sofa.

Shona: Relaxing on the Sofa Hidden Jane Clip

Gil was getting suspicious when Shona would sometimes leave the bedroom with her vibrator. He was surprised to catch her "relaxing" on the sofa.

Shona: Wanking Off Hidden Jane Clip

Shona has trouble sleeping so she tries to relax by wanking off. Luckily the hidden cam never sleeps...

Shona: Missing Her Loved One Hidden Jane Clip

Gill went to work, and Shona obviously misses him as this hidden masturbation clip shows.

Shona: Quick Wank Hidden Jane Clip

After her bath Shona has a quick wank, and as a bonus at the end of this masturbation clip we see a sweet orgasm by Shona. Gill has no idea what proceeded this to cause her to be so wild with herself that day.

Shona: She's Back Hidden Jane Clip

Gil has a new camera, and he is getting quite adept at getting the shots, but in this Hidden Jane clip, he should have paid more attention to the camera angle.

Shona: The Camera Is Just Charging Dear Hidden Jane Clip

Yep, Shona fell for that old trick. At least this time the camera wasn't laying on its side!

Shona: Playing On The Couch Hidden Jane Clip

Hm, can I really say more about this hot chick who gets nabbed on her couch naked and naughty.

Shona: Exposed By Gil Hidden Jane Video

Gil is busy as ever spying on his wife Shona. One lazy Sunday afternoon she decides to take a break.

Shona: Gil Gets Her Good Hidden Jane Clip

Shona enjoys herself on the sofa. Not the best quality. This is the last of the analog video as Gil upgraded cameras!

Shona: Worth The Wait Hidden Jane Clip

Gil spent some time trying to catch this one, and we he finally got it, we can see it was well worth the wait.

Shona: Another From Gil's Vault Hidden Jane Clip

Shona enjoy's a good long masturbation session thinking that she has the house to herself.

Shona: Rubs One Out Hidden Jane Clip

Shona rubs a quick one out in the tub. Love this new hidden camera!

Shona: Makes Her Debut Hidden Jane Clip

This twenty two year old American Indian is caught on hidden camera masturbating by her man. She also has probably the cutest butt ever to appear on Hidden Jane too, but you can be the judge of that for yourself!

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