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Watching Porn Voyeur Video

My girlfriends sister came to live with us and wasnt supposed to be smoking, so my girlfriend suggested that we leave the webcam running (under a different passworded user name) while we are at work to catch her and have the evidence to confront her with. Turns out she finds my extensive porn stash and cant get enough. She looks out towards the drive every now and then to make sure no one is coming home. This was the best surprise Ive ever had and I managed to capture a few more voyeur videos of her after this one. She is a very pretty girl!

Webcamsolo 2

Left the webcam running again after my first success and got lucky again (after numerous failures!). I really enjoy this one, the only downside is that a ringing ****** phone interrupts a hot orgasm right at the end. She loves my porn...good girl.

Secret webcam Nightsolo

I took a chance and moved the cam for this one. Usually left the cam on in the day and had tried a few nights but no luck until this one. Id been downloading some new porn and she knew it. Not 10 minutes after she knew everyone was in bed she gets down to business. Better angle and sound on this one and she has a really naughty look on her face and watches her reflection in the sliding door. Unfortunately she hears some noise and quits fingering herself but the finger sniff is priceless.

Bedroom solo

This is the same girl from the secret webcam and outdoor solo vids. I had to find a new way to film her so I got a cam set up in a box on a shelf in her room and started recording.(I have since removed it after a very close call from my girlfriend) Most times she just got changed and turned out the lights(maybe masturbated in the dark?) but in this one she comes from a shower, puts lotion on etc. and then relaxes with some coffee and finally starts masturbating. Then she gets out her 'friend' from the drawer...Nice orgasm and with sound although she was trying hard not to make too much noise I think. :-)

Secretwebcam cums

This is one of the original clips of my gf\'s sister getting off to my porn collection. Unfortunately it was a massive clip and it got a bit corrupted after I saved it to cd to avoid having my gf or her sister find it. The sound is crap but you can hear the porn going in some parts. These are the only bits that I could save, but they\'re pretty good anyway. Starts off with her smoking as usual and then she gets her hands in her pants and has a nice cum. When she realises that nobody will be coming home soon (and she checks!) she gets braver and takes her pants off and eventually her panties and cums again. She gets really into the porn at one stage and her face shows just how much she loves it. For those who liked the other clips, even though this one is not as complete as the others, I think you\'ll enjoy them as much as I do. I miss not having her around...

Quickie Webcamsolo

This is my victory clip. As I said in the forums I needed to find some way of catching her jilling at the pc and this is it. She seemed to be casually trolling the net , chewing on some crisps and just relaxing but when the porn fired up she got busy and although it was quick it\'s pretty intense. Spyhunter, Ltkekin, Oldman, Seattlecoyote, JB102, Murph, Wentoedeep, Spybot and anyone I might have forgotten (Tom), this is for you.

Masturbation In Front Of PC

One of Screamagers more recent hidden cam clips of his house guest in front of the PC. One clip is pre-masturbation, the other is down to business. Don't know about you boys, but I would love to see more footage of this girly.

Sofa mast

Screamager's guest caught on sofa. Not alot to see but a good addition to the collection.

Pool Solo Hidden Masturbation

If you want the background to this voyeur video then check out the forum "My girlfriend's Sister Sgain...Finally!" Excuse the shaky camera but given the situation and the level of discomfort, it was inevitable. Cheers

Television Solo

This is quite an old clip that I thought wasn't up to the standard of the others but in hindsight is not too bad, and better than nothing considering how rare hm vids are lately. My gf and I left in the evening and wouldnt be back til morning so I carefully moved the cam and headed off. The results werent as good as I thought theyd be and i chopped out all the boring stuff. She turned out a light after a bit and that screwed it, but its still pretty cool


We took my gf's sister on holiday with us a few months back and I tried just about eveyday to get something on her. Unfortunately the gf was around all the time and being as stifling as possible, but I snuck my spare camera fone into L's room a good few times and got this short play session while the gf and I were at the beach. She may have been watching something 'interesting on tv but gave up and didn't go all the way. Still nice to see her at it.

Sofa Pillow Hump

My Aunt and cousin (very sweet girl with nice titties) spent a week with us and I just had to try my luck. After 2 days of sightseeing, my cousin said she'd be staying at home for the next outings and that got me thinking. My options were limited but she'd been spending a lot of time on the living room sofa watching tv so thats what I went for (and the webcam is an easy setup). We all went out for the next 2 days leaving her alone and I left my webcam going. The big obstruction is a water filter/dispenser at my computer desk, but moving it would have raised suspicions so I left it there and angled the cam to the sofa as much as possible. I nearly missed her little pillow session as it was quick and each day recorded around 9 hours of footage. I expected a little more than this but that's the way it goes. Not amazing and very little sound from her, but proof once again that they ALL do it. Cheers

Under door girl masturbating

The background for this clip is in the forums, so those who like all the details go there (Very Lucky Catch). This is NOT a graphic, full frontal, vibrator up the ass, look at my pussy clip. This is real voyeurism for real voyeurs, so if you're overly critical and a fucktard don't download it and then bitch afterwards. Cheers!

Sofa Snooze

Here are the first 3 clips of Laura sleeping on the knockdown sofa on Boxing day. I was sent home to fetch booze for the party my gf and I were at and when I got in, this is what I found. Couple of scary moments and all the time trying to figure out what I'd have said if she woke up (not to mention wanting to whack one off just inches away!). It's not too exciting but I'm posting for the hardcore fans. Judging by her state of dress she may have spent the day doing other things too, but nothing showed up on my webcam so she didn't do it at the pc. Now if I'd have left the cam facing the sofa... Cheers!

Dark Sofa diddling

This is the short and dark clip of Laura having a bit of a fiddle down south while watching tv late one night. I couldnt get too close and the light was bad so its not great... Once she stopped I didnt stick around to see if she went back to it.

Laura Bed Solo

Here's the long awaited (due to me not being able to get it uploaded) and much anticipated clip of Laura going at it in bed. Low light and no sound but pretty sweet nonetheless. Cheers

Solo in the sun part 1

This is the footage of Laura 'relaxing' on the lawn during the day. The full background is in the forums (She's still at it!) so if you're after the details you'll find them there. After numerous upload attempts I'm going to submit the clips the way I filmed them and not as a continuous clip. Cheers!

Secretwebcam Bikini Solo

Ok here it is...the one I was going to keep for myself. It\'s from around the same time as the secretwebcam cums and watchingporn clips when she had just arrived to live with us and was bored and delighting in my porn collection. The reason I love this one is that its the only webcam vid where she gets totally nekkid. I remeber the day quite clearly. She was outside tanning and swimming and my gf and I had to go visiting quite a long way off so she knew she had the time. The sound was ok on this one but the footage is still the old grainy logitech cam. She turns the porn up loud and isnt too concerned about being caught coz it\'s pretty loud but she still looks out to be sure. The volume of the porn muffles her noise if she was making any. My little dog walks past in clip 2 and I so wish I was that dog, but at least I have this...after the guys in the porno blow their wads she moves off (to go and do some studying haha) and I can only imagine what she got up to elsewhere in the house. :-)

Laura vibes it up.

After's a new one. Not great quality (shot in bad light with a phone and a crappy camera), but you get the idea. Had her staying upstairs so had to climb a tree for this!! She had her little rabbit vibe going and you can just see it in the second clip. The 3gp clip shows her lolling her head as she cums. Sorry about the quality...but that's it. Enjoy!

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