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Hidden Camera Phone Sex

I rang Jane from work and tried to get her to have phone sex, but she was interrupted before we finished...

Jane Wanks Again

A short clip of Jane caught at the end of a wanking session.

Jane Can't Quite Get It

Some mornings Jane just can't make it all the way......

Fresh From The Bath

Jane gives me a private performance one morning fresh from the bath...

Alone Again.... Naturally

Late at night Jane entertains herself...

A Hot Summers Eve

What does Jane do on a hot summer night when she can't get to sleep...?

The Infamous Hidden Jane

As seen from the ceiling cam...

A Remake of One of Shazzas Often Seen Clips

Classic Hidden Jane clip recaptured and extended for your pleasure...

Jane Plays... We Watch

Jane is alone in bed one night, and takes some time for a special session.

Jane At Her Best

Jane doing what she does best.

Jane And The Porno Mag

Another favorite Jane and the porno mag...

Shazza Is One Lucky Man

Jane gives me a masturbation show..

An Early Hidden Jane Clip

From the good old days when hidden cams were rare, and hidden masturbation was almost never seen.

Early Hidden Jane

This is from the early days of Hidden Jane. Little better equipment. This ceiling fan camera delivered some great footage.

Early Classic Jane

This is actually one of Shazza's first clips ever captured of Jane. He put it out on the net, and she became an instant success.

A New Toy

Jane tries out a new vibrator.

Double Masturbation Session

Jane tucked up in bed one morning she masturbates twice.

Jane Masturbates

What more can I say on this one? She masturbates.

Janes First Time

The very first time I caught Jane masturbating on camera...

Sexy Jane Masturbates

Jane playing with herself in bed. A very sexy clip...

A Jane Capture From Mid 2003

This series was recorded on the night of June 4, 2003. I was away on business and Jane had to entertain herself...

Phone Sex Maximus

Jane rings me up at work to tell me about her new toy...

Shazza Learns A Valuable Lesson

Jane shows me how her rabbit vibrator works...

Janes Afternoon Delight

And she rips off a quickie

Homecomming Surprise

Jane asked me to masturbate with her during the day

After Her Bath

After a bath and some moisturizer, Jane relaxes for a nice slow...

From the Old House

Clip of Jane from the old house going for a quick one in the morning.

Jane Loves Watching Herself

Jane with a bruise on her ass has a play with a mirror on the floor.

Magic Wand Massager

Jane humps her wand massager quietly for a small orgasm.

Voyeur Hits Gold

If you are willing to wait you can catch a very good shot. This is a great shot of Jane.

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10 Page(s) » 299 Items