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Amy and Her Web Cam Friend

Amy, our favorite webcam sex addict is online again, and performing for the camera.. well actually the 2 cameras.

Amy Double Taps

An older file from Amy and her computer friend... Tapping her clit and her keyboard at the same time

Amy is Our All Time Favorite web Cam Girl

An all time favorite - Amy at her computer. Crank up the sound at the end! James, you are one lucky man

Amys Triple Orgasm

A massive Amy post Complete and unedited in which she has 3 orgasms.

Amy Our Favorite Web Cam Slut

Amy at her computer, getting hot in her online chat. Amy is big on her one on one chats, and James doesn't discourage her.

Amys Phone Sex Session

Amy takes instruction over the phone for a little masochistic pleasure

Amy Unmasked

Amy unmasked sitting at her computer.

Amy's Online Buddy

A digital remaster of Amy and her "online" buddy.

Amy Online Hidden Masturbation Clip

Amy getting down and dirty with herself for her online fuck buddy, and us, thanks to a hidden camera.

Amy: She's Warmed Up And Ready To Go Hidden Jane Clip

Amy playing on the computer again...after warming up with her fingers she goes off to get her vibrator and what a vibrator! (PS. Turn up the volume of this Hidden Jane clip at the end.)

Amy: Teaser Hidden Cam Clip

A little taste of Amy's next sensational hidden masturbation video. The full version for Hidden Jane will be higher resolution and nearly fifteen minutes long!

Amy: Hot Cyber Sex Hidden Jane Clip

Amy gets down to some more cyber sex... this is one extremely hot lady! Thanks to James for more brand new hidden masturbation for Hidden Jane.

Amy: Masturbates For Her Chat Room Buddy Hidden Jane Clip

A nice hidden masturbation clip set from James of his gal pal Amy and her chat room buddy. For the best effect, crank the volume up to hear her climax.

Amy: You've Heard Her, Now You Can Watch Her Hidden Jane Clip

The first ever hidden cam capture of Amy playing at her computer from James in Toronto. Cut down from a full forty minute session is this great exclusive contribution to Hidden Jane.

Amy: James Pops Out For 30 Minutes Hidden Jane Clip

Complete Hidden Jane clip of Amy grabbing a quick orgasm at her computer. Do you ever wonder what your good lady does when you "pop out" for half an hour?

Amy: At Her Computer Hidden Jane Clip

First bunch of new hidden masturbation clips from James of Amy at her computer Fantastic hidden cam footage of a fantastic lady!

Amy: Doing It Again Hidden Jane Clip

Amy playing at her computer...great capture, huge vibe and wild orgasm!

Amy: Long Masturbation Session Hidden Jane Video (cnid: 55126)

She is playing with her on screen lover and then disappears off view. She returns with her vibrators and moves the chair and gets on the floor to play with herself, moving the web cam so her "lover" has an excellent view. The result is a fantastic session of Amy carrying out her lovers commands to order ending with a brilliant climax! Crank the volume up and use your imagination for a great hidden masturbation series!

Shes Doing It Again

Amy is playing at the computer again. This is a tremendous video with Amy carrying out the wishes of her online friend, moving the web cam so he can get a look at all her great assets and finally playing with the toy of his choice as she comes to a huge climax. Second part to be posted on Friday.

1 Page(s) » 19 Items