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Playing With the Goods

A man records his girl as she plays with herself in the kitchen.

Anonymous Wife Hidden Jane Clip

Another new contribution from a Hidden Jane member starring an anonymous wife caught with a hidden camera placed at the end of the bed.

Shazza's House Sitter Hidden Jane Clip

What is it about my house that gets gals to strip and do unspeakable things in our bed? The wife (Jane) and I went on holiday and asked a friend to watch the house. I forgot to turn off the camera and when I returned I discovered this little voyeurism gem.

Footage From A Trade Hidden Jane Clip

Some fantastic hidden masturbation footage I gathered in a trade with another voyeur. I am not really sure of the story behind these, but they are well worth the download time!

German Exchange Student: Misses Her Husband Hidden Jane Clip

A new Hidden Jane contributor! Jason had a mature exchange student stay from Germany. This is how she made up for missing her husband.

Cowboy: Catches His Wife A Second Time Hidden Jane Clip

Second hidden cam clip from Cowboy. Here his wife plays a little, and even tries the shower head massager to get herself off.

Cowboy: Catches His Wife A Third Time Hidden Jane Clip

Is his wife having some more fun with her electric friend in the shower? Fantastic shooting and a great subject.

Watching Porn Star Oma Hidden Jane Clip

This is the lady who loves porn star Oma and likes to watch his videos while playing with a replica dildo of his well-endowed member. Still hoping for more from this voyeur of his horny lady.

Cowboy: Catches His Wife Hidden Jane Clip

Cowboy sends in this hidden masturbation lip of his wife playing with her vibrator in the shower.

Little Sister Caught Hidden Masturbation Clip

A hidden camera catches the little sister getting dressed and also playing with herself on the couch.

Over the Curtain Hidden Masturbation Clip

A voyeur puts his camera over the shower curtain and catches this girl masturbating in the tub.

Groaning Hidden Masturbation Clip

A hidden camera catches a woman pleasuring herself. The Hidden Jane contributor said these are new and original hidden masturbation clips.

She Loves It HIdden Voyeur

This girl gets on her computer in her towel and then shows off her tits and then fingers herself not realizing that the web camera has been hijacked

Lena Gets Off For Us Lads

Lena from South Hampton is a fan of my little website here, and recently she sent me in a video she made. I'd like to think she made it for me, as that would just tickle Ole Shazza's heart if it were true, but sadly, I believe she made it for every one.

Bed Play Hidden Masturbation Clip

This girlfriend is recorded over several months as she rips off orgasm after orgasm.

Britain's Got Talent

This bird is so very talented as she can flex her "muscles". Thanks to Johnny for sending this into Hidden Kane.

Ceiling Camera Gets The Goods Hidden Jane Clip

A fan of Hidden Jane hides a camera in the ceiling. All his hard work was for good as he was able to get us some good hidden cam footage of him banging his wife. Awesome dude!

Brianna Misses Her Baby

And makes him a special tape. However, her baby's roommate gets the package and sent it to me. Thanks Brianna! We miss you too.

Nice Slow Fingering

Matthew sends in this sexy contribution of his girlfriend.

What is She Using To Masturbate?

Submission of a girl masturbating on the couch. Looks like a small melon that she is using?

Ralphs Ex Girlfriend

Ralph's ex girlfriend made him this video because she missed him. Then she ran off with another man and Ralph got mad so...

Wife Caught On Clock Cam

A wife caught playing early in the morning playing with herself by a clock hidden cam.

Hidden Sex, The Way It's Supposed To Be

An Australian member shares a great hidden cam capture of his girlfriend riding him.

Shake Da Booty Hidden Cam Clip

Another hidden cam contribution. What a delicious booty!

Hair Brush Hidden Cam

Here is another example of one of these hidden cams. Shazza took an old hair brush and disassembled the handle and slid a camera inside. It takes a bit of alignment, but it is unnoticeable. The biggest fear? Jane might decide that the brush is trash and throw it away.

Joe Bates His Wife Into Masturbating

Joe sends his wife a lesbian video clip via her email, knowing that she is gonna rub herself watching it. She did, and his hidden cam allows us to watch from below.

Big Dog: Women in Bath

Second of three hidden cam clips of a woman masturbating in the tub. Thanks to Big Dog.

Toni: Having Fun Hidden Jane Clip

Toni enjoys herself with a porno and a mirror. A bit grainy, dark and with no sound. This reminds me of the good old days of hidden masturbation voyeur videos.

Andy's Wife Hidden Jane Clip

Hidden Jane member Andy026 sends in this capture he made of his wife. She beats one off after work one afternoon.

Tom Voyeur's Gift Hidden Masturbation Clip

No story behind this one, just a fine voyeur video that Tom Voyeur sent it. More to come of her cumming.

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8 Page(s) » 219 Items