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Chinese girl pooping

In this video, we can see a Chinese girl taking a nice shit.

Struggling on the Toilet - 3

Third and last video of the japanese girl. It's shorter compared to the other two and this time you cannot see her at all. Again, she films herserlf on the toilet with a lot of pooping sound.

Woman peeing wet bikini accident

a woman is having her family having a party at her house and has a fit of laughter and begins to pee herself she forms a huge puddle of pee.

Pooping Girl - 2 Angles

Long haired girl films herself peeing and pooping. The beggining of the video only shows her on the toilet, but at 2:11 the camera changes and focus os her butt. Poop is clearly visible and she wipes at the end.

I'd hit that

I'd definitely hit his sisters pussy, even if she didn't wash her hands... She wipes her pussy, fingers her hair and adjust her clothes.. but no washy washy...

"cute but crazy" girl ...ok what she puts in her mout

Same location again. A couple of things she did kind of distracted me from the pooping. I think she does poop for if listening very closely, you can hear a muted splash or two. However, as a number of subjects do in other vids from this location, she picks her nose. That's fine but I personally shudder when I see those who eat their own boogers as she appears to do. I know many think it's healthy as it supposedly builds up the immune system but I've never been able to do it myself. But is this even healthier? --it looks as if when she's finished wiping that she quickly puts her finger to her mouth possibly lick off a bit of poop? Or maybe she's just smelling her finger ...not sure as her head is turned while doing it.

Concert wettings

women wet their pants at outdoor concerts, some desperation

Subtle plops

Another one from that same location. This lady is a bit older but she could be taking a nice shit. If listening closely, at :17 and :18 it could be splashes and at :19 and :28 faint "flump" sounds can be heard as the turds hit the water. Again, facial expressions at that :17 through :19 mark show concentration and some straining as the turds drop. Decent amount of wiping and a quick glance of dirt paper shown.

Ghost poop ...or maybe a turtle-head and quick plop

Another one from that same location. This young lady did shit as we can see from the paper at :40 it is very dirty with poo but other than what might be a "plop" just as she sits down, I don't hear any others. If that was a plop, she must have had a turtle-head as there was hardly any time between sitting down and the supposed plop at :05. It just may have been a turd as she looks between her legs as if to be peering into the bowl to examine a big poop perhaps? btw, she's another nose picker. :)

Toilet pooping

A pretty brunette woman pooping on the toilet nice sound

Pee pants accident

a beautiful woman is working out in the gym, she ends up pissing herself off after doing a lot of strength.

Pee on the beach in the water

Woman with tiny tits pees topless in the water. She wears a red bathing slip. Pee not visible, but she clearly is peeing.

Face scrunch again and some nice plops

For those into listening to "plops," here's another clip from this location that has been circulating around the web lately. These real voyeur vids I think are at a restaurant restroom as you can hear dishes clanging in the background in some of the videos. I'm trying to separate the poop ones out of the long series of videos from this location. This young lady drops some very nice turds and the plops are not subtle at all. A couple of them sound quite heavy and could be whoppers. She covers the seat with paper, sits and pees a little then scrunches her face and talks to herself before she starts dropping the turds. Nice wiping both sitting and standing up. If video appears upside down, please adjust your video player to flip the image as it will obviously provide for greater enjoyment if viewed in the correct orientation.

Struggling on the Toilet - 2

Again, the japanese girl films herself having a hard time on the toilet. It still not possible to see her, but there's a reflex on the ground that shows how in pain she is. You can also hear the plops and struggling sounds.

Accident pee panties

Older mature lady visits an outdoor toilet, but she starts peeing in her panties before she can pull them down

Accident pee panties

a beautiful lady is desperate to pee when she gets to the bathroom to see that she is on the floor in her panties

Hindustan Again

Some more short videos filmed in the Hindustan region. In the video ind16 you can see the girl's hairless pussy for half a second. In the video ind19 the girl starts pooping, but the footage cuts off. In ind18 the young girl flashes the cutest ass in whole Asia! Enjoy.

Struggling on the Toilet - 1

Japanese girl films herself having a hard time on the toilet. You can only see her feet, but there's a lot of plops and she says "It hurts" in japanese several times.

Scat bomb girls 2

Japanese girls pooping in a western style and floor toilet

Woman peeing wet panties

a beautiful lady is peeing, and in the end she ends up getting her panties wet

WC Hidden Shot

Another Mature is Caught Pissing by a Hidden Camera

Peeing bikini

Woman visits a portable toilet and decides there's no need to remove her bikini, and just hovers over the toilet and pees straight through it.

Understall Views

First clip: The first girl shits (hard to hear due to music), the second girl pisses, the third woman may be shitting, but has no audio in that scene. Second clip: All the girls appear to be pissing. Audio and video is clearer than in first clip.

For those who enjoy facial expressions when pooping

Not mine but recently found on the web. No shit visible but this gorgeous young lady with an outstanding body I believe does poop. The "plops" are subtle but what I find so incredible is the facial expressions she makes before the turds are deposited. At :31 she scrunches her face to push and then a turd can be heard immediately after at :34 with the look of relief and a sigh, she then re-positions and scrunches her face again at :40 and you can see that she raises her knees slightly to get a bit more leverage on the turd and at about :42, you can faintly hear it hit the water. Nice standing butt wipes. I believe this is at a restaurant as in some other scenes, you can hear dishes clanging in the background.

Indian women pissing compilation (Desi girls peeing in public)

Strong streams, standing piss, bare ass - you name it! Collection of some nice videos featuring Indian women pissing on the ground in public. The title of the video tells you the content. Sorry for bad video quality in some of them ;-)

Girls Piss in the Woods

Eastern European girls caught peeing outside in the woods

Girls Piss in the Woods 2

Eastern European girls caught peeing outside in the woods

Scat bomb girls 1

Japanese girls pooping in a western style and floor toilet

Caught on the WC

Mature Caught on the Toilet by a Hidden Cam for our entertainment.

Urgent pee wet

she has a great diarrhea and can not stand it and ends up doing it in her own shorts

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