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Nice Fuck On The Weekend

Couple like to do it on camera. Attractive and into each other and being amateur porn stars. Enjoy!

Chubby Amber Fucks

Amber is a fat and hot little amateur who shows the guys in high school who wouldn't ask her to the prom what they missed out on.

PICS:The Good Wife

A good wife knows when to keep her mouth closed, but more importantly, when to open it!

Oh My God... On So Many Levels

Damn, a hot fucking chick masturbating should be good, but turn off the friggin music! It is too fucking loud!?


This lovely took pictures over a few years to send to her special fiends. Some are selfies, and a few are taken by her boy friend at the time..

Dogging In The Park

A British tradition where people meet anonymously for sex in public. Hot damn, right in my own back yard. From the defunct website.

German Cute Couple Amateur Sex Clip

German couple has a friend record them sucking and fucking for posterity and our sake's.

Amateur Lesbian Love

Sexy tight bodies amateurs try their hand at lesbian sex.. I think they should do it again, and let us watch them one more time... just to make sure they are doing it right.

perky tits facial

This dumb girl responded to an ad in the paper, needing some cash for her rent. She dreamed of it being a career, but alas, it was just a dude with a camera and some cold hard cash

Intense portuguese couple having sex

Passionate slim portuguese girl gets all of her holes worked. Great video.

Big butt girl does doggy on mounted dildo

Beautiful big butt girl taking mounted dildo deep. Very good.

Foxy Lady

This dumb slut actually thought that her private video would stay private.. opppss. sorry sweety...

Vintage Waterbed Sex Tape

real wife next door sucks and fucks her man on vintage homemade porn tape

Two videos of a MILF finger to orgasm

Found on the web. One video is 1:40 minutes long and the other is 1:58. Good sound in both. A boyfriend or husband films his woman fingering herself to orgasm. Video #1 is filmed from a television, but the quality of both clips is OK. The woman has really nice tits and nipples.

Girlfriend voyeur

Hidden camera of unaware girlfriend, changing and sex voyuer

Teen Couple

This couple baffles my mind.. By their actions, she is fairly new to the love making game, but is willing to give it up to this stud of a man... but who in the hell invited a camera man to record this most intimate moment?

Lil Devil

Found this series on an open network a few years ago.. She (or he) put it in a folder labeled private. lol.. Like that's going to stop me from looking.. This cutie was apparently showing her goodies to a select group of people from 2006 to 2008. Because of the time frame and that there are so few of pictures, I can only draw the conclusion that she she was sharing these pics with a select group of special freinds.

Perfect Brunette with Dildo

This sweet brunette with a perfect body crams a pink dildo into her sweetness.

Boy meets Girl

And it all goes down hill from there. Boy meets girl, girl screws over guy, guy posts videos and pictures on the internet.

Blonde Likes Her Ass

Hot blonde with a tiny tight ass decides she may as well spread them wide and insert her fingers. I approve but will her father when he finds out about this good girl gone bad video?

Blue Eyes

Cute girl with beautiful blue eyes gets naked and hot and heavy for us on her not so great web cam..

Sex Camshow

A nice camshow on bed with light skinned black chick. Enjoy the show!

Delicious woman

Big woman showing their body to everybody see on cam

masturbating in bed

working her clit with a vibrator orgasming........

TRANSFER from Classic Clip Of College Girl Wanking (cnid: 55399)

Boston Univ gal wanks for the camera. This is one of the first ever videos of what is now called "private 2 public" or "ex-gf revenge" type videos. This Boston Univ gal plays for her friend and lets him record it..

Tina Home Videos

I have collected several of Tinas videos. I have no idea who she is or why she made the videos. Nor do I have a clue as to where more of them are. What I do know is she is sexy and gets naked!

Young shy girl strips for BF

Shy teenager strips for her BF, probably not meant for the internet. Goes nude all the way in the end.

Crazy T-shirt Contest

Crazy T-shirt Contest(or shall I say lack of t-shirt contest)!

Sex with worker

Nice standing sexual encounter in apartment bedroom.

She Loves Cum

A compilation of 3 videos of this gal sucking her man off. In the face or in the mouth, it doesn't matter to her.

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131 Page(s) » 3930 Items