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straining facial expressions from the "stu-rest" serie

This is from the "Student Restroom" series. As some know, I've been attempting to edit-out and collect all the scenes that appear to have pooping evident from the huge "stu-rest" series. This one I feel compelled to post now as it complements the first one I posted back in October that featured the pretty blonde making straining faces before her turds drop. This clip is fantastic for those of you who enjoy facial expressions when pooping as this blonde with cute dimples strains and immediately exhales several times to get her shit out. We can hear one turd drop into the water. We don't know how much more she made that we may not have heard. So for those who haven't yet viewed this particular scene and enjoy facial expressions, I'm sure you'll want to see this one.

  • stu-rest-strain-face-02.mp4
  • Runtime: 2.39 mins
  • With audio: Yes
  • Size: 226.88 MB
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