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Thread: Takefile Or Exload?

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    Default Takefile Or Exload?

    I have located some vids I want for myself and Unlucky Lady, with most to be shared on Tom Voyeur as well.

    I am feeling cheap as it will take me a week to get what I want and I don't want to spend the 25 dollars or so for either for a month. If someone has either Takefile or Exload, or wants to buy me an account for a month, I will make it up to them with two free months on Unlucky Lady. If you are willing to purchase either, please contact me first as there is a way to do it ensure access to all my sources. or right here through private messaging.


    PS Uploadgig would also be welcomed.
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    If I could, I would, good luck

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    i have both.. just pm links

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