As you all know, ccBill can be a bit difficult at times, so I am constantly looking to make it easier to join if ccBill won't process your payments.. PayPal is no help as they have shut off my account I've had for almost 2 decades because I sold some "adult content"

So, in case you've missed it, I will accept just about any gift card that is electronic delivered .. Amazon, eBay and itunes are the preferred, but I can probably work with just about anything.

A new alternative is Venmo. It's a digital wallet, similar to PayPal, but more popular with the young ones, as it is an app and it uses emojis.. (go figure.)

So, if that is an option for you, here is my link :

To use these methods, it's approx $.60 USD a day for access, but obviously if you want 90 days, it'll be cheaper.. Just email me with your offer, and we'll work something out!