I have been viewing some toilet contributions by Addicted to Women's Booties and have always enjoyed that type of voyeurism. I have captured females going to my own toilet during a party, but never had the gera knowhow and time to set up the under rear view showing everything bootywise. I love the way their fannies and bums expand and contract and the details of and around them. However when it comes to videos of the ladies having a shit - no way, I don't enjoy them one bit, but everyone to their own.

I have been googling voyeur beach cabins and have enjoyed much of this type, particularly seeking videos of the mature ladies, not trim young bodies. However, the sitse google throw up are often subject to the intrusive and annoying Jasmine sex additive programmes whatever they are called and the delight in TV is they don't happen.

Having been an active - with camera voyeur, contributing in here, I also seek out the changing clothes vids, never seeking those featuring women masturbating.

Now in my advanced years oddly enough, I still prefer the mature/granny videos, where I might have gone for the young firm nakedness that's much easier to find.