I received an email the other day that was very disturbing.. yes, it made me realize that I am approaching 30 years of online adult content.. Damn, I am older then I feel lol..

I started years ago yes, way back in 1989 ( can document to the exact week I first went online lol)..

So, what I am asking is that some of you share you online stories as well. When did you first go online, what was the first adult site/bbs you accessed etc etc.. I'll lay out some of my highlights from the decades (yes decades)

1st time online - week of Oct 17, 1989. - The day an earthquake struck during the world series - The Bay Bridge collapsed (which side note. I was in the area a few months ago, and they are still in the process of tearing it down). I was in an online chat room with a BBS that Radio Shack ran (it was 30 days free with my new computer purchase).. I saw the comments about the bridge collapse, but I was clueless, and believed it was some inside joke that I didn't know about.. I went out to dinner with my then love of my life.. While at the restaurant the news broke about the bridge. I was dumb founded... And amazed about this new technology.. I was hooked..

about 1 year later i opened my first BBS - tired off spending $$$ on Long Distance phone bills calling BBS's (even AOL, CompuServe, Earthlink etc did not have local phone numbers to call..) - Yep, I invested in a computer that had a 40 meg hard drive! Partitioned into 2 drives, since MS DOS would only recognize a 32 meg partition.. My BBS's name? Knights of the Square Table.. My name? King Barfer (we didn't take life seriously) my friend was Sir Dance A Lot...

After about 3 months my friend called and said hey, I got a couple of girls you need to meet.. sounded good to me... we met at t a bar, had dinner and awesome sex... (not a group thing, just a hook up with one off the chicks he introduced me too)... As she was leaving, she asked me a weird fucking question.... She asked if she could be the board whore... WTF was she talking about? She trolled BBS's and acted out her slutty side.. not knowing what the hell to say, I quickly decided that we *NEEDED* a board whore LOL... I never saw her again lol, I felt so used..

Shortly after that encounter, I joined a network of BBS's called Throbnet, at the time, the nations largest adults only BBS network (again, this was 1990, so it was not real time, and messages were transmitted once a day usually, some times once every couple of day if the line was busy.

Post some of your antics etc in the online world... I have a shit load more...