On June 16 around midnight, I heard my neighbor coming home. I heard her pull up the driveway and go inside her garage. I got so excited because she had not fixed the blind that I broke a few weeks ago. I went outside and saw her bedroom light turn on, I then peeked into the part of the blind that I broke.
I saw her starting to get undressed. She took off her blouse and had a light green bra on. She took of her bra and I could see the dark areola and puffy nipples she has. She then took off her slacks and she was wearing grey bikini underwear. She took of her underwear and I could see the full dark hair around her vagina.
She then just sat back on her bed and started to rub her breasts and vagina. I could not believe my eyes.!
She just rubbed her vagina for about 15 minutes and then just stuck her legs up in the air and continued to masturbate.
She stopped and got up and put on a pair of orange underwear, then went back to masturbating.
I could tell she was ready to orgasm because I saw her thighs tense up and her belly tense up, then she started to make the weird looking face as she had her orgasm. She then got up and wiped her vagina and shut off the light.