IN my further efforts to consolidate various websites, I have add a new Amateur category.. I'm calling it Craigs List Pron Stars.. Over the years, I have been involved in many a project, most dealing with naked chicks .. I worked with Shazza years ago, hiring models for his Hiddenjane website (Beks/Racheal, and some others) This was expanded to include ShooFLy and Bunny as well. We had the idea of starting a website with just video from people we hired on Craigs List or other websites.. You know, send in a sex tape and help pay your rent. I will post these videos we bought or were given in this section. SOme are approaching 20 years old, so as you'll see, the quality of video has improved over the years.

Sadly I do not have all the videos/photo shoots I've been involved with. Some were lost due to fire/water damage, and some were digital only and lost in various hard drive crashes. I actually have discovered some of them online, from I presume Bunny, ShooFly or Shazza..

Please let me know what you think, and evven better yet, if you know someone who would like to sell their sex tape, then let me know