I've been going through the system, getting ready to do some updates to the website (mostly hardware) and discovered that there are a lot of Hiddenjane archives that have not been accessible to everyone. We have the issue resolved, and will be updating the HiddenJane archives in the next few weeks. I can't physically do it all at once, but will keep working at it.

Here is what we have to date-

One Ups - An assortment of one time contributions
Carol who is taped by her hubby TOny
Susan The MILF
Wise Ass - Over 100 hidden masturbation videos of his wife.
Shona - Filmed by her husband Gil - A very playful couple.
Cata - has been blended with an existing category of his I already have in the Contributions section (Alex) Although Alex filmed a lot of hidden video of his wife, he also submitted some video that she knew about him filming to Bunny's website. I'll be blending those in as well... just not sure where at yet