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    Lightbulb Image Sets

    I have been asked by several people if I could put the image sets into a category of their own ... I am contemplating this, but am leaning towards *NO* for the simple reason that by making one category called IMAGES then the picture sets would be a cluster fuck after a while.. Masturbation, amateur, web cam girls, naked on the beach etc, all combined into one category. If I make sub categories, then it's totally possible to have 20 or so sub categories, some with only one or 2 or 5 image sets.. ..

    But, not to worry, I understand why people want them separated out. They're easier to find this way.. In the interim of a final decision, I have gone back and added the phrase PICS: to the title of the image sets. This will make it easy to search the data base for those glorious bundles of joy.

    So, tell me what you think

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    I like the idea of the word PICS in the title.. It makes no sense to group all images into one group.

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