View Full Version : Film your next medical exam

2007.03.27, 02:39 PM
Many of us find videos of medical exams extremely exciting, and I think that combining voyeurism with a physical exam would be amazing. It would be fairly easy for someone to take a small video camera (perhaps a cellphone video camera) into the exam room the next time they go for a physical, and conceal it beneat a pile of clothes. Then the physical exam can be filmed in full, and then posted here for our eternal delight. Any thoughts on this idea? Any volunteers? This would be truly amazing to see.

2007.03.27, 05:30 PM
You mean like the medical exam in Monty Pyton┬┤s "The Meaning of Life", right?

Medical exam sounds very confusing....just like you want to see an autopsy for your sexual pleasure ;-)

2007.03.27, 08:22 PM
Turn your head and cough....Uhmmm no thanks.

2007.03.28, 11:46 AM
No, I don't agree. I faint at the sight of blood.

Hi Times
2007.03.29, 12:42 PM
A few years ago I did some pretty crazy voy things that I probably wouldn't have the nerve to do now. One time I was at the doctor's office where patients of both sexes used the same bathroom to leave urine samples. I purposely left my bagcam underneath the sink during my exam and then came back to retrieve it. I captured 2 women leaving urine samples. Maybe I'll see if I can locate the videos and post them if you guys are really interested.

2007.03.31, 02:06 PM
Yes, those videos would definitely be great if you can find them